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Before I was ever a dietitian, I was a patient first…
Diagnosed with moderate-to-severe ulcerative colitis in 2012, I never received an answer to the question, “So what can I eat?”

This left me feeling like my concerns didn’t matter, but hindsight really is 20/20, and I now understand that this happened for a couple of reasons:

1. Lack of research. Nutrition-focused research in Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis was only JUST starting make waves, so there was no solid scientific guidance for patients.
2. Accessibility. Where were the dietitians who knew anything at all about IBD beyond a faulty print-out? Who could doctors trust to provide highly-specific nutrition care for their patients? Could patients even afford nutrition services if they did exist?

These 2 deficits fueled me to take notes during every doctor’s visit; every infusion, and every surgical consult since 2012:
1. How can I help make nutrition research for IBD practical for real life?
2. What can I do to make nutrition counseling more collaborative and accessible for people with IBD?

And that’s why I’m here!

Being a patient means that I speak the same first language as other patients, but we are all unique, and no person’s IBD nutrition or medication regimen looks identical to the next.
This means you can expect me to understand and help move you into a place of action safely.

– I know how malnutrition and anemias feel in my body while also trying to work through a 12-hour hospital shift..
So let’s monitor your nutrition-related labs before anemia starts interfering with your quality of life, shall we?

-I know how hard surgical recovery can be while malnourished; I know how easy surgical recovery can be while nutritionally optimized…
So I help you to collaborate with your surgical team to ensure you have the most effective nutrition resources, and you can enter the OR feeling prepared.

-I know how it feels to leave surgery, lost in a new body with little support, unsure of what to eat safely…
So I will help you transition confidently into eating again with your new-found anatomy.

-I know what it’s like to feel really good with ulcerative colitis, run multiple half-marathons, work full-time, and to still have no idea where to begin when it comes to nutrition…
So I help you find an eating pattern that works best for you and your lifestyle.

I know what it’s like to fall through the cracks of a broken healthcare system, so here’s a safe place to land, wherever you are on your journey with Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis, you’re welcome here!

My values:
-Data-driven approaches. No blind-supplementation using companies that aren’t 3rd party tested. No profiting off of vitamin companies.
– Individualized nutrition. I will keep your diet as expansive as possible, but I also understand that there’s a time and place for medical diets. I match the approach to the patient; I won’t squeeze your life into more long-term restriction, because your quality of life matters.
– Clinical collaboration. I will communicate with your care team, and I will help you to optimize your existing systems so you’re not normalizing symptoms and at risk of getting left-behind in the undertow of systemic gaps (ahem…insurance).
– Accessibility. You’re welcome to ask about young adult discounts (<26 years old), or sliding-scale offerings, since this practice is self-pay. I work to fund this private practice through other avenues so I can offer services affordably as often as possible.

“I connected with Stacey a few months prior to my J-Pouch reconstruction surgery. My goal was to find nutritional support going into surgery and the months following. Stacey gave me that and so much more! From our first session, I felt 100% supported and knew she was 100% invested in me. I would recommend working with Stacey to anyone, no matter where they are in their IBD journey! The experience she has and knowledge in her field is truly unmatched. Working with Stacey has given me the confidence to try new foods and tools I know I will use the rest of my life –
to live confidently with my J-Pouch! “

— Ker, S., j-pouch

“Stacey is an incredible dietitian and human being. Her attuned, understanding stance combined with her training, knowledge base and evidence-informed guidance have altered the course of my disease-and life. She helped me develop a plan that allows me to eat so much more variety than I EVER thought possible, while having a plan to get back to basics when I experience symptoms. I did not believe it was possible at the onset of our work together that I could lead a relatively normal life with very minimal symptom interruption, but she kept the faith and tailored my plan to fit my disease and lifestyle. I could not recommend her highly enough to anyone experiencing IBD.”

– Itt, C., microscopic colitis

“Working with Stacey has been a huge blessing during the most difficult time in my disease. The unique thing about Stacey is that she has experience with IBD, and so she doesn’t just talk at you like other dietitians. Her advice comes from a place of understanding and compassion. She will only give you information if it’s evidence-based, and she spends a lot of time staying up to date with new IBD research/trends. I always feel so comfortable talking to her because she brings her patient and RD expertise to every appointment. I highly recommend Stacey for any IBD patient, and especially if you’re in pre/post surgery.”

— Cra, H., Crohn’s disease

It’s finally time that someone told you
really does matter.

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