Offerings for virtual
nutrition counseling

Nutrition Launch Sessions

Who it’s for: If you want a starting point, or general guidance and direction on how to eat more with less stress around IBD nutrition, with minimal accountability and follow-up, this is for you!

I’ll help you:
– understand basic, general guidelines for IBD
– know which nutrition-related labs to ask from your provider, or help you understand your current nutrition-related lab trends
– screen your current supplements for inflammatory additives and make recommendations based on your labs and/or research guidelines
– feel more confident in eating sustainably for your lifestyle

Nutrition Intensive Sessions

Who it’s for: If you need more one-on-one accountability and assistance in finding ways to make nutrition make sense within the context of your diagnosis, with accessibility to a dietitian for questions as they arise, this is for you!

I’ll help you:
– understand nutrition-related labs and proper/safe supplementation as needed
– track progress based on your individualized health goals

Surgical Starter Sessions

Who it’s for: If you’re between surgeries; if you’ve recently discovered that you’ll be needing surgery for the 1st, 2nd, or 22nd time, this is for you!

Have you felt like you could’ve gone to surgery hoping to have a clearer understanding of how food fits into this life adjustment?
Curious about what foods are safest after surgery?
And how can nutrition play a role to enhance surgical outcomes?

I’ll help you feel nutritionally prepared for surgery by:
– requesting and interpreting nutrition-related labs
– implementing evidence-based surgical nutrition protocols within your existing GI care team that can help:

  • reduce chances of infections
  • reduce chances of nausea after surgery
  • reduce chance of low blood sugar, a common outcome of surgery
  • help energize you to get up and moving after surgery

– we’ll also work to safely expand your diet after surgery and transition you into a more normalized pattern of eating based on your individualized needs, cultural preferences, and lifestyle in a time-frame that suits your surgical schedule.

Need help that you’re not seeing?
Please reach out, and we can discuss an approach that suits your needs!

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