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A quick note:
In order to deliver the quality time and attention that my current patients deserve,
I am not accepting new patients at this time.
If you want to be alerted as soon as I start taking new patients,
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Thank you for your understanding and patience- this allows me to continue to do the work that I so enjoy.

Nutrition Launch Sessions

Who it’s for: If you want a starting point, or general guidance and direction on how to eat more with less stress around IBD nutrition, with minimal accountability and follow-up, this is for you!

I’ll help you:
– understand basic, general guidelines for IBD
– know which nutrition-related labs to ask from your provider, or help you understand your current nutrition-related lab trends
– screen your current supplements for inflammatory additives and make recommendations based on your labs and/or research guidelines
– feel more confident in eating sustainably for your lifestyle

Nutrition Intensive Sessions

Who it’s for: If you need more one-on-one accountability and assistance in finding ways to make nutrition make sense within the context of your diagnosis, with accessibility to a dietitian for questions as they arise, this is for you!

I’ll help you:
– understand nutrition-related labs and proper/safe supplementation as needed
– track progress based on your individualized health goals

Surgical Starter Sessions

Who it’s for: If you’re between surgeries; if you’ve recently discovered that you’ll be needing surgery for the 1st, 2nd, or 22nd time, this is for you!

Have you felt like you could’ve gone to surgery hoping to have a clearer understanding of how food fits into this life adjustment?
Curious about what foods are safest after surgery?
And how can nutrition play a role to enhance surgical outcomes?

I’ll help you feel nutritionally prepared for surgery by:
– requesting and interpreting nutrition-related labs
– implementing evidence-based surgical nutrition protocols within your existing GI care team that can help:

  • reduce chances of infections
  • reduce chances of nausea after surgery
  • reduce chance of low blood sugar, a common outcome of surgery
  • help energize you to get up and moving after surgery

– we’ll also work to safely expand your diet after surgery and transition you into a more normalized pattern of eating based on your individualized needs, cultural preferences, and lifestyle in a time-frame that suits your surgical schedule.

Need help that you’re not seeing?
Please reach out, and we can discuss an approach that suits your needs!

Let’s work together!

“I connected with Stacey a few months prior to my J-Pouch reconstruction surgery. My goal was to find nutritional support going into surgery and the months following. Stacey gave me that and so much more! From our first session, I felt 100% supported and knew she was 100% invested in me. I would recommend working with Stacey to anyone, no matter where they are in their IBD journey! The experience she has and knowledge in her field is truly unmatched. Working with Stacey has given me the confidence to try new foods and tools I know I will use the rest of my life –
to live confidently with my J-Pouch! “

— Ker, S., j-pouch

“Stacey is an incredible dietitian and human being. Her attuned, understanding stance combined with her training, knowledge base and evidence-informed guidance have altered the course of my disease-and life. She helped me develop a plan that allows me to eat so much more variety than I EVER thought possible, while having a plan to get back to basics when I experience symptoms. I did not believe it was possible at the onset of our work together that I could lead a relatively normal life with very minimal symptom interruption, but she kept the faith and tailored my plan to fit my disease and lifestyle. I could not recommend her highly enough to anyone experiencing IBD.”

– Itt, C., microscopic colitis

“Working with Stacey has been a huge blessing during the most difficult time in my disease. The unique thing about Stacey is that she has experience with IBD, and so she doesn’t just talk at you like other dietitians. Her advice comes from a place of understanding and compassion. She will only give you information if it’s evidence-based, and she spends a lot of time staying up to date with new IBD research/trends. I always feel so comfortable talking to her because she brings her patient and RD expertise to every appointment. I highly recommend Stacey for any IBD patient, and especially if you’re in pre/post surgery.”

— Cra, H., Crohn’s disease

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